The Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) is a 622km pipeline planned to connect gas fields in the Northern Territory with customers in the Eastern Gas Market. The NGP is planned to run between Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory and Mt Isa in Queensland.The major issues being raised regarding this project are:

1. If the pipeline is built, the daily operational use of 4,800 litres of water is not sustainable.

2. Lack of research and knowledge regarding groundwater drawdown in a semi-arid areas - they plan to take water from ancient aquifers.

3. The development of new gas pipelines strengthens the Australian fossil fuel industry, instead of moving towards a more environmentally sustainable future of renewable energy.

Environmental concerns can be quickly dismissed by energy companies promoting the amount of jobs created, however once the project is constructed, there will be the equivalent of 10 full-time jobs. Longer list of environmental concerns available here.



Lobby group voices concerns over Jemena's draft environmental impact statement for proposed Northern Gas Pipeline

ABC Rural, Oct 12, 2016

The Environment Centre NT has various concerns with the proposal, including the amount of water used, the potential contamination of water, as well as a lack in economic benefit to come from the project.

Deborah Hall, from the group's management committee, said the lack of jobs to come from the project was a cause for concern.

"Once the project is constructed, there will be the equivalent of 10 full-time jobs," she said.

"That's very few jobs for a region that certainly needs more economic activity, down in Tennant Creek.

"There are alternatives that would be much more likely to employ a large number of people, without having the social and environmental risks that are going alongside with this project."

Ms Hall said the daily operational use of 4,800 litres of water once the pipeline was built may not be sustainable.



Concerns with Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline EIS

Arid Lands Environmental Care, Oct 11 2016

ALEC recommends that this project not be allowed to proceed based on its expressed justification to stimulate the Northern Territory onshore gas industry.  The development of shale gas by fracking is not sustainable and cannot be allowed to proceed if Australia is to honour its commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Time, energy and money spent on developing fossil fuel ventures is wasted money and ALEC recommends that the proponent instead seek opportunities to invest in renewable energy projects in the NT. 


Don't Frack The Outback

Arid Lands Environmental Care, Oct 11 2016

“It is now understood that 80% of proven fossil fuel reserves will need to stay in the ground to prevent the earth from warming 2C above pre-industrial levels – a temperature limit beyond which scientists warn of spiralling and irreversible climate change. Despite the industry telling us that gas is clean energy, once fugitive emissions are counted gas is worse than coal. The NT Government needs to stop all new fossil fuel exploration and invest immediately into the transition to renewable energy.”